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Our construction teams are dedicated to completing your project (large or small) with quality results, on time, and within your budget.


If you are looking to build a new swimming pool or renovate an existing pool, we promise to make your dreams a reality.

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POOLCO Swimming Pools, East London, South Africa.


We have many years of experience in planning, managing, and doing construction projects. Our teams are professional and reliable. We deliver to your satisfaction.  We are proud of the fact that POOLCO Swimming Pools is the first choice of so many people who believe in our expertise, service, quality built pools and top class workmanship.


" POOLCO Swimming Pools are simply the best." -- C.D.

" What is obvious about POOLCO Swimming Pools is their unmatched attention to detail, service and quality. It is so wonderful to find a contractor that gives more than you expect and all that was promised."-- N.A.

" I can tell you about POOLCO Swimming Pools in three short statements: Superb advice. Superb quality. Superb service." -- Dr. L.L.

" If you want an exceptional swimming pool then you will need an exceptional pool builder. POOLCO Swimming Pools is the builder to contact." -- R.M.

"It is obvious to me why POOLCO Swimming Pools are the first choice of many people in East London." -- A.N.

" If I had to look up the words 'swimming pools' in the dictionary I would be pleased to be redirected to POOLCO Swimming Pools." -- D.D.

"I have a swimming pool at my house in Gauteng. Now I have a swimming pool built by POOLCO Swimming Pools at my East London residence. I am seriously impressed with POOLCO. The pool is absolutely beautiful." -- L.M.

"We are so chuffed with the workmanship of POOLCO. Our swimming pool looks lovely, in fact, absolutely great." -- H.F.

"In my experience I have found that many companies in East London still carry problems from the apartheid era. This deep down undercurrent disguised form of bad service is NOT found in POOLCO. I can honestly endorse POOLCO Swimming Pools. They have the correct outlook in addition to their expertise. It has been a pleasure to deal with POOLCO." -- Dr. A.K.

"My family now has three swimming pools built by POOLCO. We choose excellence " -- P.M.

"We have had several 'well known' name brand pool companies work on our pool. Thank you POOLCO for rebuilding our pool and sorting out what others could not do." -- L.W.

"I can only speak in superlatives about POOLCO Swimming Pools." -- C.D.

"I am sorry that we did not get POOLCO to build our swimming pool. Our neighbour had a swimming pool built by POOLCO shortly after we had ours installed. What a difference in quality. Well done POOLCO.' -- A.F.

"Thank you POOLCO Swimming Pools for demolishing our poorly build swimming pool (built by a company name not to be mentioned).  Thank you for building a new quality replacement swimming pool." -- M.S.

"Thank you POOLCO Swimming Pools for rebuilding our old pool and for turning it into a new pool and new shape." -- Dr D.D.

"I wanted a small swimming pool so I could spend time in it with my grandchildren. I decided on a certain company and gave them the go ahead to install a glass fibre pool at my residence. Everything was great until seven months had past. Then the pool cracked and started losing its water. What was even more disturbing was the fact that this company did not want anything to do with it even though they provided a warranty. I lost all my money on that pool. When POOLCO Swimming Pools read the article in the newspaper they offered to assist. They removed the fibreglass pool and built a replacement concrete swimming pool of my dreams. And they did it for me at cost!" -- J.S.

"For obvious reasons I chose POOLCO Swimming Pools to build a magnificent swimming pool at our mansion." -- M.K.

'POOLCO Swimming Pools are a highly committed group of people that have the vision to provide an excellent product." -- M.D.

"After a very hot summer, my wife finally convinced me of the need to put in a pool while our two sons were young enough to truly enjoy it. I took the plunge and started getting quotes. After sifting through many quotes ranging from 'cheap and nasty' to a couple of very expensive options, I had basically settled on a middle of the range quote. I enquired at a local pool shop about the reliability of the company I was planning to use and I was advised to consider POOLCO as another option. I decided to have one final quote, just to put my mind at ease. After the owner of POOLCO came around and measured up he set up a subsequent meeting to discuss the quote. His whole approach was businesslike and accommodating and we decided to use POOLCO to build our pool. 

Now having done a fair amount of alterations with various builders through the years, my expectations were not too high. However, from the very beginning I was amazed at all aspects of the construction.The pace and quality of work, the daily cleaning up afterwards, the staff's attitude, the flexibility to changes and even the tolerance of the workers to my two young sons inquisitive meddling was unbelievable!

The finished product, which includes all the paving, is superb. I have already recommended POOLCO to two of my colleagues and have absolutely no hesitation in doing the same for anyone who is looking for an honest and forthright recommendation.

My overall impression was that POOLCO  'talked the talk and walked the walk'. There were no short cuts and BS about what, when and how he would do things.

If anyone wants to chat to me personally, please get my contact details through Angus." -- M.C.

" I approached the owner of POOLCO Swimming Pools when they had finished building our swimming pool and said to him that I have witnessed many builders do their work and although I could never recommend any of them to any one, I must say that the opposite is true when it comes to POOLCO. I will recommend POOLCO Swimming Pools to everyone who wants a quality swimming pool and an all round pleasant and professional service." -- T.N.

"POOLCO Swimming Pools gave us excellent service. They are absolute perfectionists. We both believe in honesty is the only policy." -- P.E.

"I am very happy. My swimming pool and paving is top quality. It can only be described as excellent work. Thank you POOLCO Swimming Pools." -- C.A.

"I had an idea what my swimming pool would look like according to my daughter's description when I was given periodic telephone calls. When I arrived in East London I was very impressed to have such a quality swimming pool and also so different to the norm. Thank you POOLCO." -- N.M.

"What I really appreciate about POOLCO is that the owner provides excellent supervision, advice, quality work and service. They are not mass producers of swimming pools but rather concentrate on lower volume hand crafted magic pools. Is that not what one would want anyway?" -- C.D.

"You built a swimming pool for a friend of mine she just raves about how you went about your work and what a wonderful pool they now have. And let me tell you this friend is the most difficult and fussiest person anyone could ever do work for. When I eventually build a swimming pool I will definitely call POOLCO." --C.O.

"We contracted a certain pool builder to build our pool. We paid him a fifty percent deposit. They dug the hole and built a badly structured pool shell and the disappeared with our money. We then were advised to contact POOLCO. We now have a wonderful new swimming pool built by POOLCO Swimming Pools." -- C.J.

"I chose a pool builder that had over 30 years experience to build our swimming pool. It was also a much lower quotation than others. Three years later we were tired of having this leaking pool and shoddy workmanship repaired and patched. We were referred to POOLCO Swimming Pools by a well known retired pool builder. We instructed POOLCO to demolish our problem pool and we now have a wonderful swimming pool built by and thanks to POOLCO." -- N.S.

"POOLCO are perfectionists. We had our house on the market for some time and no sale was made. Then we decided to ask POOLCO to revamp our pool and surrounding area. We placed our house on the market again and it was sold promptly and at a much higher price." -- B.Z.

"I would describe POOLCO workmanship as excellent.  They are very professional. I manufacture pavers and I am proud to have a picture of a POOLCO swimming pool on the cover of our brochure." -- B.J.

"My first pool was a fibre glass shell. After a number of years it developed lumps on the floor and sides. The steps were hollow underneath. And then it cracked and the pool lost all its water. Within one week the shell imploded from the outside pressure. The swimming pool was in pieces. In its place I now have a strong concrete and steel reinforced POOLCO Swimming Pools built swimming pool." --A.C.

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